• Display and protect items
  • Archive Safe
  • Resealable


  • Allows items to be taken out of the bag without great effort that could otherwise cause accidental damage upon opening.

Custom Quoting

  • Widths, lengths, mil thickness, lip sizes, resealable or permanent tape with domestic and import quote options.

Meets Specifications

  • Our bags meet FDA & USDA specifications and are packaged and sold flat-packed in corrugated cases.

Food Usage

  • The clarity of the film and lower oxygen and moisture transmission rates of polypropylene keep the food tasting fresh – a benefit for retailers.

Laddawn Product Images: Lip and Tape Bags

On this page you’ll find instructions on how to download the images. We ask that these Laddawn product images only be used on Laddawn Distributor websites for the purpose of e-commerce or web promotions.