• Tear resistant polyethylene


  • Slit on self-adhesive side to protect document
  • Good clarity for readability


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Self-Adhesive Backing

  • “Peel and stick” adhesive is applied to the plastic pouch and covered with a temporary non-stick paper. Once the paper is pulled away, the adhesive material holds the pouch in place.



  • Sealed on all four sides with a slit opening the length or width of the pouch. The slit is on the same side as the self-adhesive material, allowing the user to slide paperwork inside and seal it closed. Tear resistant to allow “over-stuffing” and protect documents from abrasion and weather.


Sizes and Configuration

  • 11 different sizes and configurations from 4.5” x 5.5” to 8” x 10.” We offer five sizes in clear face or six different sizes printed with “Packing List Enclosed” or “Invoice Enclosed.”