Every day, we strive to come up with innovative ways to serve you. Smart Tech bags. The most advanced packaging website out there. Mark-up tools. Discounts when you shop online. Free shipping over $500. We could go on and on, but it might sound like we’re chest thumping. The bottom line is that it’s all about you. All day, every day.

With that in mind, we created BrandIt, an exclusive distributor program where your contact information – not ours – is attached to every stock or custom item you purchase from us. Small order or large order, it doesn’t matter. Your logo and company info are right there on a label, affixed to the box.

Best part? We do it for you at any of our manufacturing facilities at no cost. All you need to do is send your high-resolution logo to your Laddawn rep and your part is done. No logo? No worries. We have a solution for you there, too.

OK, so you know what it is and you know that Laddawn is the only packaging company offering this level of branding for your packages. Now let’s talk about some benefits.

brand it labelsBranding
Your logo and your identity on the box simply means that when your customer needs to re-order, your company is on their mind for the next order. Your BrandIt label on boxes even includes specifics of the order and contact information for seamless re-ordering.

Because your orders are barcode controlled from the time they are generated until they ship, you have additional peace of mind in knowing that the chance for most shipping errors are eliminated. The barcodes prevent common order issues like short-shipments, over-shipments or shipment of the wrong product.

BrandIt also makes solving problems easy, because every action we carry out with your order is recorded in detail on a shipping log. Barcode technology makes this possible. With more information available on all your orders, BrandIt helps you give and receive better service.

Accurate orders. Delivered on time and to the right location. Easy, free and beneficial branding for your business. All these benefits add up to savings. We’re guessing you like that. Talk to your Laddawn rep today and get hooked up with BrandIt.

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