Armor Protective Packaging® has been a trusted name in corrosion management systems and inhibitors since 1979. They specialize in VCI, as well as other rust preventative and removal products. The combination of their technical expertise and Laddawn’s transactional excellence creates a “rust prevention powerhouse” that takes the stress out of sourcing corrosion protection products.

What is VCI?

Vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI) are a class of chemical compounds that emit rust inhibiting vapors into an enclosed air space to prevent corrosion on a metal surface. Check out Laddawn’s cool VCI article here.

Not sure what the best solution is for your customer’s rust protection needs?  No problem.  Just ask Jerry – Armor Protective Packaging®’s Rust Eradicator Online-Navigator.

VCI Film

There are 5 ARMOR poly VCI films available on ARMOR Poly®, Defender™, SEA Film™, Foundry Film™ and ARMOR SHIELD® Stretch Film. Both ARMOR Poly® and Defender™ films are manufactured with at leas 30% Post-Industrial Recycled Material (PIR).

VCI Paper

Uniquely coated with ARMOR VCI on both sides, ARMOR VCI Paper is great for wrapping or interleaving metal parts that may be shipping or going to storage.

Desiccants & Emitters

Desiccants draw moisture from the environment they are placed in to control humidity. Emitters are foam products and chipboard that are infused with the ARMOR VCI formula. Both can be used inside small packaging, like electrical cabinets, or can be hung in large containers. They also pair well with other ARMOR VCI products for extended protection.

ARMOR Dry Coat™

ARMOR Dry Coat™ rust preventative is a water-based liquid applicant designed for ferrous metal protection. It can be used as a spray or dip and provides indoor rust prevention for 2 years.

ARMOR Metal Rescue®

ARMOR Metal Rescue® BATH rust remover is water-based and easy to use. Rust can be removed easily in 5 minutes to 24 hours depending on severity – no scrubbing or brushing. ARMOR Metal Rescue® GEL rust remover is a highly adhesive formula which is ideal for controlled application on tough or hard to reach spots.

What makes ARMOR’s VCI Nanotechnology® so special?

Armor Protective Packaging products use their proprietary VCI Nanotechnology – essential for keeping your shipments, stored items and even in-process metals corrosion free for years of protection.

Superior Performance

ARMOR releases VCI faster (as quick as 6 hours) and it lasts longer (up to 2 years) than its competitors. ARMOR’s VCI self-adjusts to the environment based on humidity and temperature, migrates to distant metallic surfaces and recessed areas and the vapors even replenish inside the package. What’s more, ARMOR can work this magic without altering any of the metal’s properties!

Bright Idea™ Technology

Used in all ARMOR’s poly films, this patented formula provides and easy an inexpensive method to verify the VCI content of their products. Simply shine a black light on any ARMOR POLY® VCI film and it will show visible proof that the VCI is present.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use ARMOR products as part of Combine & Save?

  • No. ARMOR products have their own special pricing bracket.

I already order VCI through Laddawn. Will this now be ARMOR VCI?

  • No. Laddawn still offers our own custom VCI blend. We will offer ARMOR products in addition to this.

Can ARMOR products be re-used?

  • Yes (depending on the product), if properly stored and not exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Please inquire if you require more specificity.

Is one better than the other, in terms of VCI paper vs. VCI poly?

  • Both are effective, however VCI can protect a product more quickly coming off paper.

Are ARMOR products military approved?

  • ARMOR WRAP paper is approved for MIL-P-3420.

Are ARMOR products recyclable?

  • All ARMOR Poly VCI products are recyclable, as well as some ARMOR paper products (excludes wax and poly coated items).

What is the shelf life for ARMOR products?

  • Approximately 3 years when properly stored.

Please reach out to your Laddawn Customer Relationship Partner with any additional questions.