Complex equations present themselves in many forms (shapes and sizes, too). Not all of them can be solved on a chalkboard, either. These unique problems often require unique solutions. In many cases, it seems, flexible packaging is the answer.

Poly with New Purpose

In the wake of a pandemic, new uses for poly packaging are popping up left and right – and you don’t need to be a math whiz to figure them out. From the test kits and biohazard waste bags to packaging for face shields and masks (and a few other unexpected purposes), poly bags have become the Swiss Army Knife of packaging.

Flexible in more than form

Sure, the poly may be plain, but its usage can be far from ordinary. We’ve often seen our typical bags used for atypical applications – a gusseted bag, for example, purposed to clean up plastic waste in Antarctica. Even our furniture bags find themselves covering objects outside of the norm, like fencing, sheet rock, doors and certain appliances. That’s flexible packaging so flexible, it can stretch to any reach of the imagination.

Your Bag, Reimagined

The eternal question – is it really just a bag? Well… sure. But with the right mind, it can be much more than that. A bag can be a beautiful thing. So, leave the chalkboard in the classroom and head to There, you’ll find all the tools you need to solve any packaging equation that comes your way. Imagine that.