Here’s the thing about ice fishing: you can’t just scratch the surface. This is no fair-weather-fishing expedition. You don’t just hoist anchor and find another spot. No, you are committed. You are going to cut through that ice and stake your claim and lie in wait. You are proactive, ready to reel in those fish with the perfect bait. Because you dug deep. And now you’re ready.

Ice fishing is all about preparation. Taking the extra few minutes on the front end to get the right equipment and seize the moment when it comes. Because when you’re standing over deep water and the fish are biting, you can’t run back to shore because you forgot hand warmers.

Prep now. Save time later. React faster when the fish are biting. Know exactly where the right lure is for the job, rather than rummage through the tackle box.

Take a look at these time-saving tips offers now. We guarantee you’ll save yourself hours of steps, searches, and second-guessing later. Because like any good ice fisher, you’ll be properly prepared. Shall we?

Tip #1: Go Big with Bundled Options

Wanna catch more fish faster? Grab some more hooks and lines.

You already know lets you create and save a bazillion carts at once. This function really pulls its weight when you bundle options together for a customer or your team instead of saving each option individually.

Show stock options right next to custom. Pull together the current product and a new one. Quick Add an extra item right from the cart if you need a tweak. Mix and match however makes sense for your business. You can even name carts so they’re easily found again.

Laddawn carts have an eternal shelf-life, so they’re always available when the time is right. Pricing is guaranteed for two weeks, and can be repriced with one click after that. Don’t need it after all? Just catch and release with a good old DELETE.

Tip #2: Share Your Fresh Catch with Customers

Customers want their options as fast as you reel them in. None of that fresh-two-days-ago tomfoolery. That’s why the Share function in a cart is your best friend. It’s simply the fastest way to get multiple great options in front of your people and your customer.

Clicking Share creates an email of your cart, lets you add your logo and markup all in one screen, and send it off to your customer with nary a mention of Laddawn. That pricing you just shared is then locked in for 14 days. Option found, option sent, catch of the day.

Oh, and we’ve made it darn near impossible to share your costs with your customer by accident. Once you click on Share with My Customer, each item must be marked up before you can hit Send. Plus, if you’re sharing internally (spoiler alert: the next tip will limit the need for manual sharing with your colleagues!) and you type an email that we don’t recognize as part of your company, a red warning box appears around the email address.

Tip #3: Simplify the Share with Colleagues

Now to save you hours of emails, faxes, and phone calls.

Take a quick dive (don’t worry, it’s not too deep) into My Account under Workflow. Here you can set up automatic notifications to keep your people in the loop when you take an action. Need to give a heads up to your purchasing agent when you share a cart? Easy. Need to give another team member access so you can pass the baton? Sure. It’s an email CC you don’t have to worry about forgetting – it’s already done for you. Not even a click required.

You can always share internally with an extra person if need be. And the people who need to know every time, all the time? Well, they’ll already know.

Tip #4: Ready Shipping Preferences in Advance

Once that fish is out of water, you’ve gotta move fast. Pack that sucker on ice and send him to market.

You can’t always control when an order needs to be placed, so it pays to set shipping preferences in advance. You can set a standard for all locations, or drill down to each individual location. Preferred (or banned) shipping carriers, pallet type, pallet height, where to place bar-coded labels… it’s the customer-specific stuff that keeps trust high and mistakes low. And when it’s set in advance, there’s no risk of forgetting it.

Tip #5: Tag Your Catches (and Items)

Who wants to do a new search every time you look up an item you buy or price all the time? That’s why My Items exists. It’s a way to stock your own aisle in the store with your personal staples to quickly re-price or re-order. Enter as many items as you like.  And as your list grows, you can take it from crowded to curated in a snap. 

Enter tags.

For every stock or custom item you save, you can add multiple item numbers, new descriptors, and more. Location, customer, industry, you name it. You can add custom tags for whatever makes sense for your business, down to who likes flounder and who prefers cod. Any category you need is fair game, because there’s really no limit.

When you sort by tags, pulling up a saved item gets faster and easier. Trends and opportunities are easier to spot. For instance, see everything you source for Tom’s Bait Shop at a glance, and identify which items might make sense for your new customer, Merv’s Nightcrawler Emporium.

Tip #6: Let Search SHOW YOU

Sure, you already use’s front-and-center Shop widget all the time. Search is your sonar. But are you getting everything you can out of it? After all, the better you know your equipment, the faster you find the big ones.

There’s a little feature called SHOW ME you may not have noticed. If there’s a custom match for your search that you’ve previously saved or ordered, the SHOW ME link pops up above the results. This takes you right to the proven product you’ve saved or your customer ordered in the past. This lets you skip a few steps, share repeat orders with your customer, and helps eliminate the chance of ordering the wrong item.

Oh, and here’s a freebie tip: once you enter a quantity for a search result, you can hover over the information icon to get pallet information and a price comparison for quantity discounts. Now you have that info at a glance, without manually fiddling or clicking through for more numbers.

Tip #7: Search by Our Item Number Or Yours

This one’s short and sweet but oh-so-handy for your go-to items. If you’ve saved a product with your own item number in Laddawn’s system, you can search with that number instead of the Laddawn item number. Oh look, here’s your product surfacing now.

We get that you have bigger fish to fry than remembering multiple numbers for one item. So, use whichever one is top of mind. That’s sure to get the fish jumping.

Tip #8: Quote Print Jobs Even Before You Have the Art

Ah, Print Designer. That magical narwhal of color and intuition come to life. We’re constantly expanding the products that can leverage this game-changing tool, now including T-Shirt Bags and Merchandise Bags. Behold its awesomeness.

How often do you know a job is going to feature artwork before you actually HAVE the artwork? Print Designer can generate an accurate quote for your customer even without the final design. The Quick Price tool calculates the most common size of print for your size bag and uses placeholder artwork to get the quote quickly and painlessly.

To wit: you get a product quote and ship time in minutes, just like you do for non-printed items. Meanwhile, the competition is still trying to chop through the darn ice.

Ice Fishing Waits for No One. So, Save Yourself Some Time.

You’re already tackling tough customer challenges through But with so much just under the surface, we’re guessing there’s at least a couple time-saving tricks you haven’t tried.

So, go ahead. Grab your trusty fishing pole and get out on the ice with some new bait and tackle. Catch your customer’s next favorite thing. Catch a break for yourself with a new time-saving trick. Go fish.