There are a lot of well-known products in the world today whose initial uses were not what they became best known for.

advanced shopping carts

Let’s put it on our wall. Great idea!

Take bubble wrap, for instance. Bubble Wrap® was originally intended to be used as wallpaper. Yep. Wallpaper. Back in 1957, a pair of inventors were attempting to create textured wallpaper, so they sealed two shower curtains together, hoping to capture air bubbles in between to create texture. Interesting.

How about nitrous oxide? Most people know it as laughing gas, but its origin in the late 1700’s was as a recreational drug for British upper class “laughing parties.” Cue the Benny Hill theme song, right?

Both of these products obviously went on to be used for much more productive and impactful purposes. We should be relieved that we don’t have bubble wrap on our walls.

How does it all tie into Laddawn, you’re wondering? Keep reading!

One of the first physical shopping carts was introduced in 1937 when Sylvan Goldman, the owner of Oklahoma’s Humpty Dumpty Supermarket chain, wondered how customers might accumulate more groceries and take them to check out.

Today, in the e-commerce age – nearly 80 years later – online shopping carts are pretty much the same. You find your product. You add it to the cart. You check out. Pretty simple and it’s by design – websites do not want your path to purchase muddied up.

But, your needs as a distributor are different and we’re ALL about your needs.

We know that you work on multiple opportunities at once. Sending quotes to your co-workers or customers shouldn’t be an endless parade of retyping, faxing and phone calls. We have an easy way to address all of it.

Laddawn’s cart logic provides robust tools to help you do your job more quickly and easily. After all, the faster you share information, the more likely you’ll win that next piece of business.

advanced shopping carts

Add logo. Mark up prices. Send.

First, we give you as many shopping carts as you need. You can put as many items in each.  Ready to run it by a customer? Add YOUR logo, a personal note and share.  We’ve even provided a mark-up tool to set customer prices by gross margin, mark up percentage or just a final price (see image).

Once you hit that “send” button, your customers or colleagues receive professional looking emails instantly with all the details they need.

Think about your normal quoting process and how much time this saves you!

It doesn’t stop there. You can save carts, too. As many as you want, in fact.  You can refer back to them, rename them, delete them, call up your shares or re-share them with your customers or co-workers.

Oh, and that mark-up tool? You can share single items right from search results, too, without even having to put it in a cart. Productivity squared.

We’ve taken sharing and carts and reinvented them for B2B and flexible packaging.  Tons of our customers are doing this and once you give it a shot, you’ll look back on your old quoting  process the same way you think about bubble wrapping your walls!

Want to see it in action? See the video below!


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