Senior Graphic Designer

“In wildness is the preservation of the world.” Henry David Thoreau spoke of humans living as part of nature rather than separate from it. Though widely disregarded at the time, a century later his words became the unofficial motto for the Sierra Club, one of the nation’s largest and longest standing environmental organizations. The conservationist movement flourished, propelled forward by advocates like John Muir, Teddy Roosevelt, and Rachel Carson, paving the way for future generations. Among them, just miles from our Sterling facility, is our very own Chris Ebstein.

“I’ve been an outdoorsy person my whole life,” Chris says, recalling a childhood spent exploring her vast homestead in Anchorage, Alaska. There she nurtured a fierce passion for nature – one that inspired her to protect it. It would later become the driving purpose behind her involvement in the Clinton Greenway Conservation Trust, or CGCT, where she currently serves as president.

Together with a group of like-minded individuals, Chris has helped spearhead numerous efforts to preserve local open spaces. One of the most successful was the preservation of Rauscher Farm, consisting of 62 acres of local trails and wildlife habitat. Most recently, CGCT made headway on a project twenty years in the making: the expansion of the Clinton portion of the Mass Rail Trail that runs from Boston to North Hampton. Years of campaigning, calling on local politicians and applying for funds culminated in the securement of a $400 thousand grant. Once construction is completed, the new portion – which includes a 1,110-foot tunnel – will be a highlight of the 104-mile trail. “Now the real work begins,” Chris laughs. 

Preserve, conserve, protect, enjoy. These words are emblazoned across the CGCT landing page. Chris built and maintains the website herself, dipping into over 30 years of graphic design experience – fourteen of which she has spent with Laddawn. When she isn’t advocating conservation or impeccably designing artwork for Print Designer, Chris spends time hitting the trails or tending to her garden. Inspired by the Food Not Lawns movement, she replaces a little lawn with garden space each year. Chris currently boasts several rhubarb, raspberry, and cucumber plants, along with one particularly prolific zucchini. 

“I really believe in protecting our natural world,” Chris emphasizes, “It’s the only one we’ve got.”

We think Thoreau would be inclined to agree. Congratulations on your achievements, Chris.