Life’s too short for unwieldy websites. So is the window of opportunity for a sale. That’s why we’ve rolled out a sleek, agile mobile website that gets you the answers you need, pronto.

Laddawn Mobile

Let’s be honest, our phones are fused to our fingers these days. So, we brought the functionality you need to the screen size you have. Nope, it’s not another app you have to download. Rather, it’s a responsive website that adapts to your mobile device.

With the new design, we think you’ll agree that less is more. That is, no pinching and zooming, more facetime with your customer. Less poking at tiny checkboxes, more precise answers. Less waiting, more handshakes to close the deal.

Here are a few things we think will come in handy with the mobile site:

Fast Access to Pricing & Lead Times

There’s not always time to pull over the car, pull out the laptop, pull up wifi or a hotspot and get a price. So, we made quick access to pricing a priority.

Laddawn’s mobile site now senses the device you’re using and adapts to your screen size. You’ll see all the options to find the product you need without pinching or scrolling. Just tap, swipe, quote. You get precise answers to your customers’ pressing questions in a jiffy.

Instant Cart and Item Sharing

Of course, it’s not just about getting an answer for yourself. When you need to share prices and lead times with a colleague, no problem. Our powerful share feature works on mobile as well as desktop. Share information with purchasing agents and sales assistants with just a tap and an email address.

Need to share a marked up price with a customer?

Easy peasy. Mobile takes your preloaded logo and company info and seamlessly drops it into a template that’s all about you, not us. Just enter the end user price based on desired markup or margin, add a comment and send it on. Your customer receives an email with all the details immediately, stacking the deck in your favor. Tap, share, close!

Easy Order Tracking

After you’ve made the sale, you can keep tabs on its status from start to finish. So, when your customer asks about their order, you can keep them in the loop even when you’re out in the field.

Place It Where You Can Find It Fast

You can add an app-like icon to your smartphone’s home screen for even faster access. Just open the Laddawn site in your device’s browser, then tap the browser’s menu button. Choose “add to home screen.” Voila!

The new mobile site is designed to provide pavement-burning sales folks with on-the-go functionality. It’s not a newfangled app to learn. It’s the site you are already relying on, optimized for smaller screens. Really, it’s just part of making—and keeping—Laddawn a Better Way to Buy.

Questions or comments? Just reach out to your Customer Relationship Partner or Laddawn Customer Experience today. We look forward to hearing about your experiences.