Our Boat and heavy Duty Industrial Shrink Film is made from a blend of Low-Density Polyethylene with a UVI additive. Intended for heat gun applications, all film is U-folded on rolls and features a center slit gusset construction.  Choose from a variety of stock options available on Laddawn.com.


Designed to protect, weatherize, and transport boats and other products that require protection from the elements. Shrink Film serves as a superior and cost effective alternative to tarping and inside storage. Once heat is applied, it shrinks to the size of its contents, providing a glove-like cover that prevents any movement or chafing of the product.

Choose Your Boat & Heavy Duty Industrial Shrink Film on Laddawn.com with the Following Features:

A Variety of Stock Options

  • The most popular widths and lengths
  • 7 mil
  • White or blue color

Infused with UV Inhibitors

  • Allows the film to withstand direct exposure to sunlight, keeping product safeguarded from harmful rays during the offseason.

The Science: How Does It Work?

  • The science of shrink wrap can be explained in terms of molecular behavior. The molecules of a shrink film sheet or tube are randomly intertwined, meaning they are coiled and twisted with no particular alignment. When the film is warmed, the structureless regions of the chains are straightened and aligned to the direction of orientation. More simply, the molecules reorient from their initial random pattern to ultimately fit the mold of its contents. When cooled properly, the film’s molecular characteristics are set, so it remains in this stretched state until sufficient heat energy is applied for the molecule chains to shrink back to its original form.


  • All film is wound on rolls with 3” cores.
  • Rolls are individually boxed.

Don’t see your size or construction? Contact your local Berry representative for more custom options!

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