• Provides protection for boats and other products during transportation or storage


  • Shrinks tightly over the product placed within, creating a durable barrier of protection

The Basics

Our Boat and Heavy Duty Industrial Shrink Film is designed to protect, weatherize, and transport boats and other products that require protection from the elements. It can be utilized in a variety of applications:

    • Boats & Marine Equipment
    • Industrial Machinery
    • Pallets
    • Semi-Trucks
    • Lumber
    • Construction Equipment
    • Scaffolding & Building Containment
    • Government & Military Equipment
    • Storm Damage Protection
  • Alternatives, such as warehousing, are expensive, as they incur overhead. Traditional tarping can also be unreliable, since it doesn’t form fit to the product it covers, and is liable to move. Shrink wrapping offers a cost saving superior alternate to both options, providing a glove-like cover that will not shift or chafe in transport. Infused with UV inhibitors, our Boat and Heavy Duty Industrial Shrink Film will also withstand direct exposure to sunlight throughout the offseason.

The Science

  • The science of shrink wrap can be explained in terms of molecular behavior. The molecules of a shrink film sheet or tube are randomly intertwined, meaning they are coiled and twisted with no particular alignment. When the film is warmed, the structureless regions of the chains are straightened and aligned to the direction of orientation. More simply, the molecules reorient from their initial random pattern to ultimately fit the mold of its contents. When cooled properly, the film’s molecular characteristics are set, so it remains in this stretched state until sufficient heat energy is applied for the molecule chains to shrink back to its original form

Laddawn Product Images: Boat & Industrial Heavy Duty Shrink Film

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