Our Clean Room bags, reclosables and tubing are made from 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene. Certified to meet performance parameters as outlined in ISO 14644-1 for an ISO Class 5 clean room at 0.5 microns. All bags are heat sealable and feature a bottom seal or side weld construction.*


The purpose of a Clean Room Bag is to transport items safely in and out of a clean room environment without the risk of contamination. Common items that may go in a Clean Room Bag include:

  • Garments that would be opened in a clean room (e.g., gloves, surgical caps, shoe covers, etc…).
  • Items that have been sterilized then put into a clean room (e.g., dental tools, surgical tools, etc…).
  • Computer components that need to stay in a clean sterile environment until being used (e.g., sound cards, circuit boards, etc…).

What Makes the Bag “Clean”?

Clean Room Bags are manufactured in an environment that is free from dust and other contaminants, so there is no risk of cross-contamination between products.

The Class of a Clean Room Bag is determined by the number of particles per square 0.1m in the bag. This is measured using a particle counter machine. The maximum allowance for particles can vary depending on the Class. We offer ISO Class 5, more commonly referred to as Class 100 (Reclosables are Class 200).**

Build Your Custom Clean Room Bags on Laddawn.com with these Available Options:

Size Guidelines

Layflat & Side Gusseted

  • Widths of 3” – 40”
  • Lengths of 3” – 80”
  • Gussets of 2” – 22”


  • Widths of 3” – 72”


  • Widths of 3” – 24”
  • Lengths of 3” – 36”

Gauges of 3 – 6 mil are available

No additional venting, film, color, printing or packaging options are available for Clean Room Bags.


*Layflat and Side Gusseted bags are bottom sealed. Reclosables are side welded.

**Due to the nature of a Reclosable’s construction, it just misses the requirements for Class 100


  • All Clean Room Bags are packaged in double poly lined cases.
  • Layflat, Gusseted and Reclosables are case packed.
  • Tubing is wound on rolls with a 3” core, individually boxed.

A Clean Room certification document is available upon request.

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