Our Individually Cut Sheets are made from 100% virgin Low and Linear Low-Density Polyethylene. All sheets are packed flat in cases. Custom build your sheets on Laddawn.com.


Designed to create a barrier from dust and other damaging debris, these make excellent protective covers for a variety of products.

Build Your Individually Cut Sheets on Laddawn.com with these Available Options:

Size and Gauge Guidelines

  • Widths of 6” – 60”
  • Lenths of 6” – 60”
  • Gauges of 1 – 8 mil

Film Color or Tint

  • Clear, baby blue, medium blue, brown, dark green, grey, pink, orange, red, yellow, black, buff, leaf green, purple or white.

Material & Additives

  • Anti-stat, clarity, LLD, non-scratch, non-slip, postal approved, VCI, anti-block, high-slip, UVI/UVA and metallocene.


  • All sheets are flat packed in cases.
  • Specify case count.
  • Cases may be poly lined.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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