Berry Machine Stretch Film is made from a blend of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene. Available in varying cling types, it keeps product visible without discoloring or causing damage. Sold in pallet quantities. Choose from a variety of stock made to order options of blown or cast film available on


Designed for use with automated machinery, this film keeps pallets secured and serves as a barrier from dust, debris and other damaging elements. Machine Stretch Film expedites the wrapping process with precision and consistency, making it an excellent choice for high volume loads.

Choose Your Machine Stretch Film on with the Following Features:

A Variety of Stock Options

  • Six Brands:
    • RevolutionQ – Premium, Cast
    • Advantage – Performance, Cast
    • MaxPlusll – Performance, Cast
    • AlphaOne – Performance, Cast
    • TFilm – Performance, Cast
    • PerformancePlus – Performance, Blown
  • A wide range of widths and lengths
  • Varying thicknesses
  • Clear

Cast vs. Blown Film – What’s the Difference?

  • Cast film is extruded in sheets. It exhibits higher clarity and comes quietly off the roll. Available with one-side, two-sided, or differential cling.
  • Blown film is extruded vertically in a bubble. It maintains a greater puncture resistance and tear strength. Available with two-sided cling.

Cling Types – The “Stickiness” of the Film

  • One-sided cling is found in high-performance films. It exhibits excellent abrasion resistance and a low cling performance.
  • Two-sided cling is less common, typically more cost-effective and exhibits good cling performance.
  • Differential cling is the most versatile of the three and exhibits a highly consistent performance.


  • All film is wound on rolls with 3” cores and bulk packed on a pallet.

Don’t see your size or construction?
Contact your local Berry representative for custom options!