Our Mattress Film is made from a blend of 100% virgin Low and Linear Low-Density Polyethylene with non-slip. Meant for use with automated machinery.  All film is single wound on rolls with 3” cores. Build your custom film on Laddawn.com.


This film provides a barrier from dust, dirt, moisture and other debris that could damage a mattress during storage or transportation. Designed specifically for automated applications, it replaces its mattress bag counterparts for an expedited and cost effective packaging process. It is also often used along with mattress bags for added protection.

Build Your Mattress Film on Laddawn.com with these Available Options:

Size and Gauge Guidelines

  • Widths of 80”– 480”’
  • Gauges of 7 – 10 mil
  • White or blue color

Film Color or Tint

    • Choose clear or medium blue.


    • Choose to add a standard butterfly vent pattern.


  • All film is single wound on rolls with 3” cores.
  • All rolls are cradle packed.

Don’t see your size or construction? Contact your local Berry representative for more custom options!