• 6 stock SKUs of Low Density, 4 SKUs of 25% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR).
  • Side weld construction with a 3” racetrack die cut handle.
  • All PCR Merchandise Bags  pre-printed with “Made with 25% post-consumer recycled material.

      The Basics

      • Equipped with a die cut handle, these bags are commonly used in retail and carry-out applications.

      PCR – Post-Costumer Recycled Material

      • A product made from post-consumer material is made from waste that has been used by a consumer, disposed of, and diverted from landfills — stuff like the aluminum cans, plastic bottles and bags, and newspapers that you place in your recycling bin for pick-up.

      Print Designer

      • Custom options for both Low Density and PCR Merchandise Bags are available through Print Designer in up to eight colors on two sides. Our interactive and revolutionary printing tool enables you to design a printed bag in just minutes. Then instantly generate a price, lead time and a precise technical drawing, which you can send to co-workers or customers for feedback and confirmation in a flash.

        Laddawn Product Images: Merchandise Bags

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