We offer a range of packaging options to fit the requirements of your customer and ensure that their shipment arrives just as expected. Specify packaging in cases or rolls, designate your case or roll count and select how you would like your product packaged on a pallet.

Choose from a Variety of Packaging Options to Suit Your Customer’s Needs:

Cases Or Rolls

Choose to have your bags packaged loose in corrugated cases or perforated on a roll for easy dispensing.

Specify Case or Roll Count

Choose from a range to get the quantity that works best for your customer.

Boxed Rolls

Rolls are individually boxed before they are stacked on a pallet, which is then stretch wrapped. This provides additional protection for the product inside.

Tray-Packed Rolls

Rolls are stacked onto corrugated trays on a pallet then tightly wrapped with multiple layers of stretch film. This creates an environment for more secure transportation.

Cradle Packed Rolls

Rolls are stacked inside sturdy cradles on a pallet, which are then stacked on top of one another. This method uses less packaging to provide cost saving and save money and makes for more stable and secure shipments

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