Our Pallet and Gaylord Size Bags are either made from a blend of 100% virgin Low and Linear Low-Density Polyethylene. All bags feature a bottom seal construction with the option to add a side gusset for bag expansion. Choose from a variety of stock options or custom build your bag on Laddawn.com.


These provide protection during the palletization process, both acting as a barrier or liner from dirt, debris, inclement weather and other damaging factors, or serving to keep contents secure. Shrink Bags may be shrunk using a heat gun or tunnel to create a glove-like cover around the product.

Build Your Custom Pallet or Gaylord Size Bag on Laddawn.com with these Available Options:


  • Widths of 32” – 68”
  • Depths of 22” – 65”
  • Lengths of 48” – 132”
  • Gauges of 1.5 – 6 mil
  • Materials and Additives: non scratch, non-slip, postal approved, VCI, metallocene, anti-block, high slip and UVI/UVA.
  • Film Color or Tint: Black, brown, buff, gray, white, medium blue, sky blue, baby blue, blue green, leaf green, dark green, red, orange, yellow, pink or purple.
  • Venting: ¼” round, butterfly or micro-perforation
  • Random Repeat Printing for 1 color on 1 side with a 12” repeat.


  • Widths of 24” – 125”
  • Depths of 18” – *
  • Lengths of 24” – 300”
  • Gauges of 1 – 8.5 mil
  • Materials and Additives: high slip (default), non-slip or UVI
  • Film Color or Tint: medium blue, red, yellow, black, leaf green or white.
  • Venting: ¼” round or butterfly.

*Width + Depth combined cannot exceed 125″

**Max gauge for Gusseted is 7.5 mil


  • Choose rolls on 3” cores cradle packed or individually boxed.
  • Specify roll count.

Don’t see your size or construction, call or email for additional custom options!

Email CE@laddawn.com or

Call 1.800.446.3639

Laddawn Product Images: Pallet and Gaylord Size

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