Berry Pre-Stretched Hand Film is made from a blend of Linear Low-Density Polyethylene. Available with differential and two-sided cling, it keeps product visible without discoloring or causing damage. Sold in pallet or case quantities. Choose from a variety of stock sizes available on


Applied manually, this film keeps pallets secured and serves as a barrier from dust, debris and other damaging elements. Rolls of pre-stretched hand film are designed to be easier to apply, minimize waste and allow for more consistency in the palletization process.

Choose Your Pre-stretched Hand Film on with the Following Features:


  • Premium blown film
  • Four of the most popular sizes
  • Differential cling
  • Excellent puncture and tear resistance
  • Clear
  • Sold by the case or pallet.
  • Outside edges are folded to reduce risk of damage and minimize waste.
  • Equipped with a Glidesmooth™ core that reduces hand friction, allowing for easy release and faster pallet wrapping.


  • One size available: 14” W x 1450’ L x 29 gauge
  • Premium blown film
  • Clear
  • Sold by the pallet.
  • Outside edges are folded to reduce the risk of roll damage and minimalize waste.

Cling Types

  • Two-Sided: Less common than other cling types, two-sided cling is typically more cost effective and exhibits good cling performance.
  • Differential: The most versatile cling type, this exhibits consistent cling performance.


  • Film is wound on rolls.
  • All PRE-EMPT film is packaged four rolls per case.
  • All Winwrap film is bulk packed on a pallet.

Don’t see your size or construction?
Contact your local Berry representative for custom options!