• Zip top, Fold Over, and slider top closures
  • Sits over a stand
  • Perforated above each bag’s opening

  • Our saddle pack bags are hung over a stand, so that half the bags are on one side of the stand and the other half of the bags are on the other side. There is a perforation above each bag’s opening, so they can be ripped from the stand once the food item has been placed in the bag.


  • Saddle pack bags are used in food service applications in order to keep food fresh. The most common applications include food counters at supermarkets and delis. Flip Top bags are often sealed with price stickers, while others use zipper or slider top closures before giving the product to their customers.

Other Uses

  • Saddle bags are also used in other food preparation areas of a food institution and are sized to fit specific items. Cold cuts are usually deposited in 10” x 8.5” saddle bags, while other sizes are generally used for cookies, hot dogs, hamburgers, and general sandwiches. Also keep in mind that you may come across customers asking about HACCP procedures. Laddawn has plants that can produce HACCP-certified packaging for your food-related customers. 

Laddawn Product Images: Saddle Pack Deli Bags

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