Our Shrink Bundling Film made from a three-layer blend of Polyethylene and is engineered to provide superior clarity, tensile strength and puncture resistance. All film demonstrates a consistent shrink performance or 60 – 80% (machine direction) and 0 – 20% (transverse direction). Choose from a variety of stock options available on Laddawn.com.


Designed for use on automated packaging equipment with integral heat tunnels for a “bullseye” closure. This film ensures that heavier products (i.e., water bottles, cans or fire wood) is securely packaged and will not fall out of place.

Build Your Custom Shrink Bundling Film on Laddawn.com with these Available Options:

A Variety of Stock Options

  • Widths of 16” – 24”
  • Lengths of 4200 feet per roll
  • 2 mil
  • Clear


  • All film is wound on rolls with 3” cores.

Don’t see your size or construction? Contact your local Berry representative for custom options!

Laddawn Product Images: Shrink Bundling

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