Our Specialty Can Liners are made from a blend of 100% virgin of Low and Linear Low Density Polyethylene and designed to suit your specified need. Choose from 2 stock sizes of Wing Tie Contractor Bags, 4 stock sizes of Top Draw Can Liners, 5 stock sizes of Healthcare Can Liners and 3 stock sizes of Big City Blue Liners available on Laddawn.com.

Choose Your Specialty Can Liners on Laddawn.com with the Following Features:

Wing Tie Contractor Bags

  • These are uniquely designed for the worksite to contain heavy or sharp waste.
  • Available in 42 and 55 gallon sizes
  • 3 mil
  • Black color
  • Flat seal construction.
  • Packaged on coreless rolls, individually boxed and master packed in cartons.

Top Draw Can Liners

  • These are designed with a poly tape closure for maximum, hassle-free efficiency.
  • Available in 4 sizes: 24”x28” 0.8 mil, 28.5”x38” 1 mil, 33”x38” 1.4 mil and 40.5”x40.5” 1.4 mil.
  • Available in white, clear and black.
  • Flat seal construction.
  • Packaged on easy to handle interleaved rolls in cases.

Healthcare Can Liners

  • These are certified to exceed 480 grams tear resistance (ASTM D1922) and 165 grams impact resistance (ASTM D1709), required by D.O.T. Reg. 173.197 for the transportation of medical waste.
  • Available in 5 sizes: 24”x32” 1.3 mil, 30”x43” 1.25 mil, 40”x46” 1.25 mil, 24”x24” 1.3 mil and 40”x46” 1.3 mil.
  • Red color with a metallocene additive.
  • Pre-printed with a biohazard symbol.
  • Flat seal construction.
  • Packaged on coreless rolls in cases.

Big City Blue Liners

  • Designed for the recycling market, these are tinted for easy sorting.
  • Available in 3 sizes: 29”x44” 0.9 mil, 33”x39” 0.7 mil and 40”x46” 1.2 mil.
  • Star sealed construction.
  • Blue tint.
  • Packaged on coreless rolls in cases.

Don’t see your size or construction? Contact your local Berry representative for more custom options!

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