• The side sealed and bottom gusset design allows them to stand up on their own when full
  • Offered in clear, white, silver metallized, or clear front/silver metallized back and 4 different sizes
  • Round hang hole, and K-Style configuration with 3/8” seals
Stand Up Pouches
  • Our Stand Up Pouch offering includes the most common sizes and styles used for food packaging. All items have a K-Style configuration and hang hole, a tear notch at 1″, and a zipper at 1.5″. Sided welded and bottom gusseted, all Laddawn Stand Up Pouches are FDA and USDA approved.
Tamper Evident
  • Tear notches are located 1” above the zipper on both sides. This allows for the pouches to be heat sealed at the top and torn open by consumers, knowing that the product inside hasn’t been tampered with prior to opening.
4 Stock Sizes
  • The most commonly used sizes, available to ship within 24 hours, flat packed in cases.
 4 Film Options
  • With varying levels of barrier properties, customers can choose the film which best suits their needs – whether one with a lower oxygen and water transmission rate to protect contents freshness, or a higher clarity option for improved retail display.
Convenient & Lightweight
  • An excellent alternative to corrugated or rigid plastics, while still offering the protection the packaging requires.
 Meets Specifications
  • Our Stand Up Pouches meet USDA and FDA specifications.

Laddawn Product Images: Stand Up Pouches

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