Our Wicketed Bags are made from 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene or Polypropylene and are mounted for manual or automatic loading. All bags are heat sealable and feature a side weld construction with the option to add a bottom gusset for bag expansion. Choose from a variety of stock options or custom build your bag on Laddawn.com.


Designed for fast product hand loading or with automated machinery, these are highly popular in the food service industry (i.e., bread bags, tortilla bags, etc…), among others. Wicketed Bags expedite your packaging process with ease.

Build Your Custom Wicketed Bag on Laddawn.com with these Available Options:

Size and Gauge Guidelines

  • Widths of 3” – 32”
  • Lenths of 5” – 43”
  • Bottom Gussets of 2” – 6”*
  • Lip Size of 1.5” – 4”
  • Gauges of 1 – 4 mil


Manual or Automatic Loading

  • Automatic load bags have tear starts – small slits at the top of the bag so it tears easily when going through packaging machinery.
  • Manual load bags have a tear perforation at the bottom of the bag’s lip, so it can be torn off and sealed with ease.


Materials & Additives

  • Low-Density Polyethylene (option to add metallocene)
  • Polypropylene with Microperforations (enhanced clarity and moisture barrier properties)**



  • ¼” round, 1/8” round or butterfly



  • All bags are packaged on wickets in cases.
  • Specify wicket count.
  • Specify case count.
  • Specify wicket width and leg length.
  • Choose cardboard headers on both, one or no sides.


*Bottom gussets are measured by opened size.

**Stock options only.

***36” length maximum for 1 side and 30” length for 2 side



  • Up to 8 colors on 2 sides**
  • Spot and CMYK process

Don’t see your size or construction, call or email for additional custom options!

Email CE@laddawn.com or

Call 1.800.446.3639

Including but not limited to: custom sizes, high-density, color and tinted film, hang holes, sealed headers, zippers and poly lined cases. Construction and packaging dependent

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