When we’re talking to our customers, we often attempt to explain our online packaging marketplace by using real consumer examples.

Take Expedia.com, which shows you search results in a single set of options from multiple airlines. Consider how much data is getting crunched on the fly for each Expedia search! Expedia’s website has to go out, pull all that data from the hundreds of different airlines and present it all to you, nice and clean. In seconds.expedia

That is exactly what Laddawn does for you, with a small caveat – we also manufacture. So to bring it back to the Expedia example, just imagine if Expedia had their own airline and also showed Expedia Airlines results, along with JetBlue, Southwest, American, Delta, etc.

Guess what, though? We take it a few magical steps further. How? Keep reading.

We allow you the kind of flexibility that is unheard of in the packaging business.

Want to save a cart for future use? You can do that in seconds.

Want to save MULTIPLE carts & quotes and come back to them later? You can do that in seconds.

Want to save carts & quotes and share them with your co-workers? You can do that in seconds.

Want to save carts, mark it up to YOUR price, then share them with your customers AND brand it with your logo and reorder information? You can do that in seconds.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Now I’d like to walk you through it, step by easy step. In this example, I’m looking for a 6-inch wide, 4 mil layflat bag. TIP: Keep your eye on the yellow highlighting and various arrows.

First, find your product and add it to the cart.
online packaging marketplace

Second, click cart. Right at the top you’ll have an option to name it (highlighted orange) and save it for future use (highlighted yellow). Saving for future use is helpful if this is a regular customer with consistent product needs. This is an optional step – you can just check out without saving if that’s what you want to do. 
online packaging marketplace

Third, once you’ve saved it, click on Saved Carts (in purple below). You will now see the cart you just saved (highlighted yellow). Click it – this is where some magic stuff happens!
laddawn ss3

Now you can share the cart with co-workers  – or your customers! There’s two places you can do this, highlighted by the arrows and yellow highlighting below.laddawn ss4

Finally, send the cart with as-is pricing internally OR mark it up with YOUR pricing and send it to your customer automatically. They will receive an email when you click the “send” button at the bottom. You can even place your logo on the outgoing email. Boom!

laddawn ss5

Have questions? Need help? We would love the opportunity to talk with you!
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