Look down the mountain. Grip your bike’s handlebars. Take a deep breath. Visualize your course.

It’s changed over the years, hasn’t it? A dozen new trails with hundreds of new opportunities to bust a move. You rode it for years and still haven’t reached the end of it. Not on your old bike, anyway.

But today is different. This new bike is designed for the course ahead. The lighter frame, multiple speeds and a shifter so blazing fast you’re pretty sure it’s reading your mind. Everything feels intuitive, ready to respond to your slightest adjustment. Efficient. Powerful. You’re ready to conquer the mountain today.

It’s time to ride with Laddawn 3.0.

Get Ready to Own the Course

When Laddawn 2.0 went live in 2015, it was a pretty sweet ride. That site iteration pioneered some great things. Displaying custom options alongside stock in search results. The genesis of Print Designer. The Wicketed Bag Builder.

In the five years since then, we’ve added hundreds of new items in more than a dozen categories to our product offerings. But as the range expanded, Laddawn 2.0 lacked the extra gears and shifters to adapt. It needed more switchbacks to handle the mountain, instead of a direct descent. And the necessary retrofits kept adding weight.

Now it’s time to take it up a few gears. Lighten things up. Boost strength. Laddawn 3.0 is all about discovering new solutions and finding them fast. Because if getting pricing and lead times takes just seconds, discovering and building the perfect product should too.

Your View from the Top: The Mega Menu 

The first thing you’ll notice about Laddawn 3.0 is an updated Shop tab, sportily clad with a Mega Menu. This is your mountaintop view. GPS ASAP. And from here, you can almost fly to your destination.

Hover over the product categories and get the bird’s-eye view of everything Laddawn.com offers. Subcategories of subcategories are now visible before a single click. The whole breadth of Laddawn.com is on display, making it easy to spot what you’re looking for before you even know what it is. You can also pull up subcategory menus with images if you need a visual.

Finding what you need now requires a lot less effort. In fact, the Mega Menu decreases the clicks a full 30 percent across the new site. In some cases, what used to take six clicks takes just three. Think of it as a lighter, stronger bike frame. Faster, easier to handle, and way more efficient.

Of course, once you’re at the top of the hill, something else might catch your eye. The Mega Menu makes discovering new products and categories incidental. You might find yourself saying, “Hey, Laddawn sells that too?” to make a detour. And why not enjoy the ride? This new architecture makes it easy to pop between categories and products, grab the goods, and get right back on track. Or trail.

Fewer clicks mean less time on the hunt, more time making things happen.

Gearing Up with Product Builders

We’re the first to admit that the old search widget served certain product categories better than others. The one-size-fits-all spec fields served a slimmer product list back in 2015, and (not to brag) Laddawn.com has put on some muscle since then.

Now you’ll find a unique product builder for each and every item. That’s right. Every last one. You build it to your specs, fast. You wear the yellow jersey.

Each product builder is customized for that item’s requirements. This means you’ll find entirely new fields that didn’t exist on the previous search widget for some categories. In other categories, unnecessary fields are outta there. 

And since the Mega Menu navigation takes you straight to the product builder, there’s no digging through nested menus (looking at you, old Lip & Tape). Plus, each builder has a quick link to available stock options for that category right at the top, so you can always find what’s quickest to ship.

With a more intuitive interface, you get a clearer and more efficient process. Everything an item needs and nothing it doesn’t. 

And then… behold the options. Custom items are listed alongside stock in the results. The updated design makes the options clearer than ever, and mighty fine looking too.

Mega Menu. Product Builders. Left shifter, right shifter. Together, changing gears to make it faster and more efficient than ever to view all your options – and get the right solution out the door.

Tackle Any Terrain With More Traction…and Confidence.

Sure, Laddawn.com needed to cut out some clicks. But we’re also holding on to what works, not reinventing the wheel. 

The important stuff is still the same, like your Preferences. Laddawn 3.0 won’t make you re-enter any data and it hasn’t tinkered with any of your settings. My Items, My Orders, My Carts, and My Account just got a good spring cleaning. A modernized design, focusing on workflow, means your Preferences are ready to roll.

As with the rest of Laddawn 3.0, you’ll find a contemporary, more intuitive look to keep everything moving towards the product your customer needs.


Behold, the better built bike: Laddawn 3.0.

Now you can do more than get prices and lead times in seconds. Get ready to discover new items and whole new categories in that time. Breeze through product finding with 30 percent less braking – well, clicking. Set your specs to exactly what your customer needs, and find all your stock and custom options in moments. 

Strap on your helmet, take a swig of water because this baby can really fly. The next evolution of Laddawn.com is here.