Manager of Infrastructure Technology 

Outside of bold and often questionable fashion trends, the 80s ushered in one very unique development: the desktop computer. They had names like IBM PC 5150 and, of course, Apple Macintosh. Today, more than three out of four people use a computer at work, and nothing throws a wrench into the works more than when it’s on the fritz. Turning it off and on again only works so often. Some problems require more practiced hands. That’s where Bob Scott comes in. He’s the wizard behind the curtain, tinkering and turning knobs to make everyone’s work day easier. If he does this just right, you might not even notice he’s there.

Bob’s humble beginnings start on the north fork of Long Island, New York, where his grandparents emigrated from Poland to create new lives. His father ran a successful jewelry business. Bob earned a degree in Microbiology from Cornell University. An entrepreneurial spirit like his father, however, Bob craved more social interaction than 12-hour days in a lab permitted. He initially sought to help run the family business. “I quickly realized I loved my dad far too much to work with him,” he chuckles. So, Bob was off to Boston, where he would build a robust career in telecom sales to manage large fortune 500 company accounts. That’s where we met Bob.

He began as a contracted vendor for Laddawn 14 years ago. Working closely with Laddawn’s technology teams reignited his passion. He came on board permanently in 2015 and, within a year was Laddawn’s Network Administrator. Among his many accomplishments, Bob is credited with redesigning our network and launching the innovative Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) used by nearly all Laddawn employees today.

In August, Bob was promoted to Manager of Infrastructure Technology. The position comes with a wide range of responsibilities, all of which Bob takes in stride. Apart from building and leading a team that supports our daily operations, Bob now works to bring many of Berry Global’s best practices and systems to life at Laddawn. “My goal is to keep things running smoothly and maintain the level of confidence in our department,” he says, excited for the many opportunities that lie ahead.  It might require more tinkering and turning knobs on his part, but the job will get done – because that’s simply what Bob, our wizard behind the curtain, does.