Quality Supervisor

Billiards is a game of precision and patience. First, survey the table to determine all options. Set your aiming line and establish a balance point. Inhale. Hold your breath for a beat. Exhale slowly as you strike the cue ball with proper english. Don’t hit too hard. Always follow through. If you are a seasoned player, like Cale Enabnit, you’ve already lined up your next shot.

“I grew up in a small town,” Cale recalls of his upbringing. Small town is a bit of an understatement. Located just fifteen minutes from Laddawn’s Manchester facility, Ryan, Iowa boasts a population of just 261 people according to the 2010 census. Cale loves that they are a close-knit community. In fact, the majority of Cale’s family resides in Ryan, including fifteen or so cousins. He spent most of his childhood days outside on his bicycle with friends. “I knew to head home once the church bells rang at 6 p.m.”  Cale was involved in football and baseball throughout school, but it was billiards that captured his imagination.

“I’ve been shooting pool since I was eleven,” he explains. “I’ve always enjoyed it, and I earned more money than I did mowing lawns.” With a knack for the game and sheer determination, Cale quickly found himself running the table. He won Iowa’s State Nationals at the age of 17, placed in a number of other state tourneys, and currently holds rank as a Master Player.

Cale joined Laddawn as an operator fresh out of high school. Over eleven years with Laddawn, Cale has excelled in numerous positions, from group leader to lead changeover tech. He’s traveled to Laddawn’s Reno and Atlanta locations to train new employees. For Cale, it’s always been about achieving a defect-free product, safely and on time. Now, as Manchester Iowa’s Quality Supervisor, Cale will work to hone and improve process efficiencies and accuracy. It’s a job that requires precision and patience – sound familiar?

“We have a great group here,” Cale says with confidence. With his sights set, surely Cale will take his shot and follow through.  Welcome to Laddawn’s Quality Team, Cale!