Senior .NET Developer

“Websites should look good from the inside out,” remarked Ad Army Group CEO and all-around web guru Paul Cookson. Presentation is paramount. A well designed web page is easy to navigate. It is appealing to the eye. Most importantly, it is functional. Just as a traditional brick and mortar location must be architecturally sound, so should a website. Enter Carol Stivala: .NET Developer extraordinaire.

Carol has always been analytical, crunching numbers since she was thirteen years old. “My father was a self-starter,” she reflects with a smile. He owned a machine shop and built their first home on Massachusetts’ North Shore. Carol did the bookkeeping: invoices, payroll, you name it. The work came easy. She took over bookkeeping for her aunt and uncle’s company. “I thought, well, I enjoy this and I’m good at it.” To no one’s surprise, Carol enrolled in Bentley University, sights set on an Accounting Degree.

How did Carol wind up in software development? A course in Computer Science flipped the switch. “My professor took me aside one day,” she recalls. “Before I knew it, I changed majors.” Great developers are analytical problem solvers, so coding came easily to Carol. She graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Her timing was perfect. In the midst of a digital revolution, developers were in high demand. Carol embarked on a career that has spanned over twenty years.

Carol made the move to Laddawn in September of 2019. Among Laddawn’s team of accomplished developers, she noticed a few familiar faces. “I worked with some of my coworkers at my first software company,” Carol laughs. “Funny how things come full circle like that.” Finding a gifted and accomplished web developer with an appreciation for the art and science of web design is no small thing. “Great web design without functionality,” notes Cookson, “is like a sports car with no engine.” Carol’s work serves both in uncommonly good ways.

Right now, Carol is coding upgrades to Laddawn 3.0 in New Hampshire, where she resides with her husband and two children. While at home, Carol has taken a cue from her father, hacking away at what she dubs “Home Improvement 2020.” She enjoys the extra time with her family, of course, but looks forward to traveling once both kids are off to college and things return to normal. “I’d like to make it out to Italy again.”

Happy first anniversary Carol. Thanks for helping to make 3.0 uncommonly good.