Assistant Production Manager

In 1725, thirty-three square miles of land in south central New Hampshire was granted to 60 residents of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Settlement began in 1738 and, in 1766, New Ipswich was incorporated. The High Falls on the Souhegan River provided power for the area’s small cotton and woolen goods manufacturing mills. Today, it is a quintessentially small New England town: unspoiled and intimate. It’s where Corey Costello went to high school and it’s the area he’s glad to call home today.

Born about thirty minutes south of Laddawn’s Sterling facility and raised for a time in St. Louis before moving to New Hampshire, Corey is decidedly driven and independent. Ask anyone in Sterling’s production facility. He credits his parents for his work ethic; a defining trait that extends throughout his family. His dad, an attorney turned successful small business owner, provided ample opportunities for hard work growing up.

We met Corey in 1994. He was smart, ambitious and thoughtful from the start. “I made a good living right away,” Corey recalls with a smile, “and they were always willing to train me.” Promotions came quickly. Just 5 years later, Corey was made Foreman. In 2012, Corey was promoted to Assistant Production Manager for our Sterling facility.

As Corey nears his silver anniversary with us, he reflects with pride on our growth. Sterling, now joined by 4 sister plants, produces over 5 times the product it once did. Corey helped spearhead an agile manufacturing process that boasts nearly four hundred extrusion line changeovers in a single week – about one per line every hour. It’s a nimble process that provides the foundation for much of the service on which our customers have come to rely.

About 5 years ago, a precocious 2-year-old out for a walk with her mom struck up a conversation with Corey. It’s funny how many of the most important moments of our lives often happen completely by chance. That mom is now Corey’s wife and, in 2016, they added a second beautiful girl to their family. When he’s not at work, you’ll find Corey with his family in the New England he loves – fishing on his boat on the Connecticut River or vacationing on the beaches in Maine.

Congratulations on your journey, Corey. Here’s to many more years at Laddawn.