Multi-Site Quality Manager. 

Considered the largest of its species in North America, the Carolina Wolf Spider is formidable. A hairy, black-brown body accompanied by beady eyes, long legs, and a fierce set of fangs is enough to send many running in the other direction. Corina Toothaker opened her back door one night to find one laid before her feet. “I thought it was a tarantula at first, it was so huge.” She immediately pulled out her phone and began to shoot.

Corina has practiced photography since her days with the high school newspaper in Oswego, NY. Her interest in shooting insects, however, is recent. Hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains she came across many of the multi-legged creatures, but it was at a concert in Virginia that the notion first struck. “Walking to the concert hall I saw huge banners of bugs zoomed in,” she notes, “I thought, ‘I could totally do that.’”

The stigma around bugs is gargantuan, and as a result these creepy crawlies often end up on the bottom of a shoe. Corina wants to take photos that depict insects in a way which breaks through this spine-tingling stereotype: “I subscribe to the theory that life is life. Part of my purpose as an artist is to teach people that they aren’t harmful.” Corina sees herself as a big time facilitator and teacher, characteristics which lend themselves well to her career.

As Multi-Site Quality Manager, Corina will spearhead and train her department to streamline processes and develop a cost-competitive strategy that allows for increased improvement and proactive enterprise. It’s a role that demands cross-functionality, as Corina will collaborate with a variety of departments. Depth of understanding and a keen oversight is required in this undertaking, both on macro and micro levels. The task can seem daunting, but Corina brings over fifteen years of experience in Quality Engineering and Managerial positions from the likes of Tessy Plastics, United Comb, and Mauser Packaging to her new role at Laddawn. “Plus, if I’m not borderline overwhelmed,” she admits, “I’m not happy.”

Alongside photography, Corina is a passionate outdoorswoman, writer, jewelry maker, and gardener. She is the proud owner of two dogs, four chickens, and a five-foot ball python named Ophelia – a family which she intends to grow. Finding harmony while juggling such endeavors can be difficult for some, but Corina has, not surprisingly, tremendous focus. We’re just glad she is spinning her web right here.