Assistant Vice President of Operations. 

Henry David Thoreau called it, “the bared and bended arm of Massachusetts.” He was referring to the sandy and salt air paradise of Massachusetts’ Cape Cod. “The shoulder is at Buzzard’s Bay; the elbow, or crazy-bone, at Cape Mallebarre, the wrist at Truro, and the sandy fist at Provincetown.” Cape Cod is where you’ll find quaint villages, lighthouses and ocean beaches. 

Cape Cod is a special place for Eric Longo. He’s originally from Sandwich. Incorporated in 1639, it’s Cape Cod’s oldest town. But Truro, Thoreau’s “wrist” of the Cape and the land the Pilgrims explored on their way to Plymouth, is his favorite. He savors camping trips in Truro with his daughter Ava because of the amazing beaches, salt air, relaxing waves and, of course, the time he gets to spend with family.

His father, a special education teacher, also owned and operated a successful painting company. His mother was a successful accountant for a fire-suppression company. She was the key reason Eric developed a passion for chemistry and later studied chemical engineering. After working long hours for his father, Eric turned his sights to college and earned his degree from the University of Massachusetts. An MBA from Northeastern University would follow.

Eric worked most of his career for a global leader in innovative film products for apparel, just 3 miles from our Devens headquarters. Over 18 years, Eric worked his way up from a junior engineering position to process engineering management and eventually became their Vice President of Manufacturing. Best of all, it’s where Eric met his wife.

We met Eric in March. When his old company moved a portion of their manufacturing overseas, Eric began a consulting role with us. He was impressed with Laddawn’s workplaces, community outreach and investment in growth. “I was looking for a place with a family culture. I like that Laddawn is a domestic company with a good culture and good ownership.” In July, Eric became our Assistant Vice President of Operations.

Eric’s focus is now squarely on building best practices for manufacturing in Sterling, Atlanta, Dallas, Manchester and Reno. He brings a wealth of plastics engineering knowledge, business insight and his vision of the best sort of work environment to Laddawn every day. For Eric, here at work or at a cookout on the beaches of Truro, it’s all about family. We’re glad he’s part of ours.