Purchasing Manager

Cross-training is an important part of athletic development. Statistically, performance improves at a higher rate when athletes keep a varied routine versus solely focusing on a singular set of skills or muscle group. Many of these skills translate among sports, like that of a pitcher and a quarterback. Numerous athletes participate in multiple sports for this reason, most notably Bo Jackson, who became the first All-Star player in both professional football and baseball. Still, the concept of cross-training doesn’t strictly relate to sports. As Jennifer Algieri will tell you, its application is paramount in the workplace.

Jen has spent her career learning the ins and outs of packaging logistics. A born-and-raised New Jerseyan, she grew up just fifteen minutes from Manhattan. “I could see the skyline from my house,” she recalls. Jen’s first job as an admin for a construction company took her into the city until an opportunity with AEP Industries drew her back across the bridge. She began in logistics administration, focusing on transportation and supply chains. Eventually AEP became a subsidiary of Berry, giving Jen the opportunity to further develop her skill set. Over 14 years she has cultivated an expertise in all facets of the business – earning promotions to analyst, supervisor and most recently, logistics manager.

Jen’s new role as purchasing manager isn’t a far stretch from her previous one. Essentially, she’s going from pitching to passing. She has already acquired the skills; she simply must adjust them to a different setting. Not only does Jen’s logistics experience translate well into purchasing, she also brings with her a wealth of knowledge from Berry’s best practices to the position. At the helm of an already top-notch team, Jen is excited to hit the ground running and learn a few new tricks.

Back on the athletic field, Jen engages in a fierce baseball rivalry with her husband and two children, who are Mets fans, whereas Jen is a staunch Yankees fan. They hit as many games as they can, exchanging their fair share of friendly banter. At home, Jen keeps her workouts varied with the all-in-one Peloton machine. “I’ll never go back to the gym,” she asserts, “The classes are so diverse.” Jen adds swimming to that routine in the summer while vacationing at the shore with her family. While there are few who can compare to Bo, with her ever-growing skills Jen is an All-Star in her own right.

Welcome to the team, Jen.