Jessica Golden

Sales Project Lead

Shangri-La. Eden. Xanadu. It goes by many names, but the precise location of “Paradise” remains unknown. The geological qualifiers for such a place are subject to debate and personal opinion. Some argue that paradise is simply a state of mind. When Jessica Golden is lying on the white sandy beaches of Aruba, however, she begs to differ.

“I’ve been going for years,” Jess says of the Caribbean island, known for its clear jade waters and tropical climate. “The atmosphere is ideal, and everything is taken care of for you.” As a New England native and someone who is always making sure that others are taken care of, the sentiment is understandable. In fact, Jess has made a career of exactly that, working in customer service from a young age. All the while, she raised her now 16-year old son and persistently pursued higher education. Prior to joining Laddawn, Jess served as a service manager at a big box department store and then as an account manager at one of New England’s largest credit unions.

Jess found us in 2014 by way of a chance encounter with a Laddawn employee at a family gathering. It was a match made in heaven. She began as Customer Relationship partner, helping speed the flow of distributors’ businesses. To no one’s surprise she thrived. After two years, Jess transitioned into our Customer Experience department where she earned promotions to Returns Specialist, then Senior Customer Experience Partner. Jess has streamlined many of Laddawn’s internal processes so that we may better care for our customers.

Jess recently took on a new role designed to bring her service mindset to our customers’ online experiences. Collaborating directly with our web development team, she helps bring intuitive new features to life online. A Utopia, if you will.

Outside of island vacations, Jess creates her own personal paradise at home. “It’s in small moments,” she says, “sitting by a fire with a friend laughing, or playing with my nieces and nephews.” During the pandemic, Jess took up crocheting, which she professes is undeniably soothing. She also treated herself to a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and a pool for her back yard. In the summer, you’ll find Jess there, lounging on an oversized pineapple float. It’s not exactly the white sandy beaches of Aruba, but it’ll do.

Congratulations on your promotion, Jess. Thank you for all that you do.