Senior Marketing Manager

Playing soccer requires agility in footwork, endless drilling and a bit of juggling. Be quick on your feet. Adjust at a moment’s notice. Miss your mark? Adjust, adapt and go at it from a different angle. One might say that the skills necessary to excel at soccer are also essential to great marketing. Joanna has excelled at both.

Raised in Westford, Massachusetts, just a few towns from Laddawn’s corporate headquarters, Joanna grew up as a quintessential tomboy. “No Barbies for me,” she laughs (something she does easily and often). She grew up with brothers, an affinity for all sports and she played on an elite soccer team throughout high school. 

Thinking back to her years at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Joanna recalls a particularly important aha moment. She was pursuing her Marketing degree with a focus in Sports Management when a professor spoke to the manner in which stories and articles were often orchestrated for an audience. “I found it fascinating that you could craft and spin what gets talked about,” Joanna remembers. “How the simplest things can have compelling ripple effects.”

She got her start in Public Relations at Wellfleet, an internet router company. “High tech was booming. It was a great way to get my feet wet.” Booming is an understatement. Forbes named Wellfleet the fastest growing company in America two years in a row. Boston’s Wellfleet then merged with San Francisco’s Synoptics and the two became Bay Networks. Joanna spent five years there, honing a powerful marketing skill set before striking out on her own.

Harrington Communications afforded Joanna the autonomy to explore marketing and to gain exposure to some of the industry’s best minds. “I was a chameleon, adjusting to whatever my clients needed.” It also allowed her the flexibility to juggle the extracurricular activities of three daughters. Ever the tomboy, Joanna coached lacrosse, soccer, basketball and headed their Girl Scout Troops. Later, in 2009, Joanna joined her one-time client Ciena Corporation to work on global marketing programs.

In June, Joanna brought her career of high-tech integrated communications to Laddawn. Today, she drives the narrative of our business through the best sort of marketing, executed by our innovative Customer Relationship team. They adjust, adapt and go at it from a few different angles. It is a familiar take for Joanna. “I’ve been following Laddawn for years,” she says. “I’m excited to be coming at a time of so much growth.” We’re excited too. Welcome to the team, Joanna.