John Foley

Vendor Relationship Leader

“To the lover of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world.” Naturalist John Muir had a point. Nearly half of the 104 million acres of federally protected wilderness areas in the United States are located in Alaska. Many are drawn to the Last Frontier for this reason – to connect with nature and unplug from their daily lives. For John Foley, it is also a place to seek out adventure.

Of the 43 states John has visited, Alaska is his favorite. He journeyed there twice in his twenties while selling long-term health insurance. “Between appointments, I would jump in the car and go get lost,” he recalls. “I once tried to use the sun as a compass to get back. I arrived maybe 10 miles from the hotel to a large gorge in the way.”

Raised in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, John used camping as an outlet for his adventurous spirit. This passion flourished, and John was determined to soak in every new experience he could. As a testament to this, not only does John possess a lengthy travel log, but he also boasts an extensive resume of unique job experiences. Among myriad titles held, John has been a mascot for a rock band, Segway instructor, bartender and he also worked at an animal hospital. “I like a job that can keep me on my toes,” he confesses.

This was precisely what drew John to Laddawn in 2016. As Customer Experience Partner, he was challenged to meet the unique needs of each customer to help grow their business. In 2019, ready for a new adventure, John transitioned to Vendor Relationship Partner. He has found his niche, enjoying the role’s diversity through forging partnerships with vendors and ensuring that each order goes smoothly from quotation to shipment. To continue to keep things interesting, John also makes the occasional cameo in Laddawn’s videos and works twenty hours a week with our manufacturing team.

At home, John’s two boisterous sons keep him entertained, while his list of hobbies is ever-growing. Currently at the top are skydiving, bongo lessons, joining a local softball league and of course, traveling. He does have seven more states to visit, after all, and Alaska is due for a third trip.

We are glad your compass continues to guide you back to Laddawn, John. Here’s to a lifetime of adventures.