Product Analyst

Good product category leaders think instinctively about features, benefits, market intelligence and project milestones. Great product managers are informed by data, too. “Passion provides purpose, but data drives decisions,” notes Adam Dunn, American entrepreneur and Bonobos CEO. It’s art and science, and it’s why John Golden loves product marketing.   

John attributes his creative side to his dad, a businessman with a gift for generating creative content. On the other hand, his mom, who he calls “the sweetest person I know,” is an extremely analytical nurse practitioner. Growing up on the Cape Cod island of Martha’s Vineyard, she turned down an offer to be an extra in Jaws so that she could begin her studies at Northeastern University. “Both of my parents go all-in with everything they do,” John reflects with
a laugh. 

He was born on the south shore of Massachusetts before living briefly in Atlanta and then returning to Rockland, just minutes from Cape Cod. In Rockland, John showed himself to be an “all-in” guy, too. Football, basketball, writing club, band, chorus and drama, he did it all. At Rockland’s local TV station, John learned video and sound editing. Then it was off to college with an undeclared major (of course) before graduating with a business degree and marketing concentration.

We met John in December of 2014. As a Customer Relationship Partner, he taught distributors’ sales and sourcing staff the best ways to leverage Laddawn and His new teaching and coaching skills served him well when his role shifted to service and support on Laddawn’s Customer Experience team. All of it laid the perfect foundation for his newest role in Product Marketing.

Reporting to Laddawn’s Data Scientist, John is now engaged in our business at a whole new level. He’s leading efforts on product line rationalization and he’s helping define new product categories. Questions, hypotheses, experimentation, analysis and refinement; it’s where the scientific method meets marketing, he says. Under it all, of course, there’s data.

John’s an “all-in” guy outside of work, too. He’s had a passion for travel since he was a kid and has visited over thirty countries (Austria is his favorite). And, you’ll often find him hanging out with work colleagues: weekly volleyball, camping on Maine’s Saco River, playing D&D and Thursday night trivia.

Here’s to the art and science of Product Marketing, John. Welcome to the team.