Customer Relationship Partner. 

It’s 1978. The Boston Garden. The Grateful Dead steps on stage and opens up their set with “Sugaree”, a classic from Jerry Garcia’s first solo album. A crowd of Dead Heads cheers. Somewhere in a sea of seventies hair and tie-dye sits seven year-old Kevin Hazam, eyes lit with joy.  And so begins Kevin’s lifetime affair with music.

“Some people go on vacations, I go to concerts.” Kevin attributes this passion to his uncle, who brought him to that first show. Kevin would go on to see Grateful Dead numerous times, among a slew of others. He has seen his favorite band, Sevendust, 89 times. He can recite the set list from a Prince show in 1984.  He describes Shiprocked, a five-day cruise featuring bands from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m., as “the greatest musical experience of my life!”

Going constantly to concerts and festivals can be an expensive hobby to maintain, but Kevin has never shied from hard work. A born and bred New Englander, he was raised by his mother: a self-made businesswoman with an unyielding work ethic. It’s no surprise, Kevin followed suit. A first-rate bartender, he has maintained jobs on the side throughout his career. We met Kevin in November of 2017.

Tune in to ‘Handsome Haz’ – as he is known around the office – on the phone with customers, and you are bound to hear captivating conversations. Motorcycles, Boston sports, music. You name it, Kevin can tell you a story. Any co-worker will attest, he is a fun guy to be around.

Here at Laddawn, Kevin’s smarts, drive and big personality make him a superb teacher, coach and advocate for our customers. Right now, Kevin’s constant co-worker is his two year-old daughter. “She keeps me on my toes,” he notes. With four kids at home, it’s a full house. Kevin, a family man through and through, would not have it any other way.

Listening to Kevin’s animated conversations from the other end of the phone, I can almost see his eyes light up, as they must have at that first concert. You know he’s smiling. Kevin shrugs, “What can I say? I have a lot to be happy about.”