Human Resources Specialist

Bermuda is home to one of the largest northern coral reefs in the Atlantic Ocean. Roughly 570 miles east of North Carolina, it is uniquely positioned in the warm waters of the Gulf Stream – making Bermuda an attractive destination for coral, tropical fish, and scuba divers like Kristin Richard.

“It took my breath away,” Kristin recalled of her first time diving. She admitted to a touch of claustrophobia. “It was hard to get used to breathing underwater.” After descending a few feet, however, the world opened up, and she found herself face to face with a radiant parrot fish. “From that point on I knew – I’m doing this.”

A native of Gardner, Massachusetts, Kristin credits a strong work ethic to her parents. Her father operated machinery for a paper mill his entire career along with owning a landscaping business. Kristin’s mother kept the books and tackled being a stay-at-home mom. After high school, Kristin enrolled at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, earning a Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentrations in Marketing and Event Planning, with a focus in photography (another passion of hers). Photography became a side business for a while, until family life took priority. “There are many things I have interest in,” she noted, “it’s just having the time.”

Kristin finds time for a surprising number of things. At home, two teenage boys keep her fully occupied. “Basketball is life in our house.” Both boys have a passion for the sport, which requires a good amount of travel, keeping Kristin’s already busy schedule chock-full. Outside of this, Kristin is a practicing Reiki Master; she volunteers at Bay State Medical Center to lend her expertise to trauma and cancer wards. During the winter, she is a ski instructor at Mt. Wachusett as well. An itinerary like that might make an ordinary person flounder… but not Kristin.

It was a passion for people that drove Kristin to a career in Human Resources. She spent a number of years in HR at Metso USA, a manufacturing company based in Shrewsbury. More recently, she worked with Heywood Hospital in Gardner as a physician recruiter for Baystate Health in Springfield. In January, Kristin joined Laddawn.

Maintaining balance is paramount when scuba diving. The same can be said of HR: “In a nutshell, it’s trying to balance the needs of the organization and the people.” With someone like Kristin navigating those waters, we feel more than well equipped.