Custom Relationship Leader

The sun beats down through a cloudless sky, its heat radiating off the pavement. The sound of nearly 300 motorcycles revving breaks the air. The local region of the Fire and Iron motorcycle club is gearing up for their Memorial Ride fundraiser. Somewhere in the pack, shades on and ready for a drive, sits Maggie Cameron.

“I grew up on a bike,” Maggie recalls, smiling. As a kid, she remembers sitting on the back of her dad’s sports bike, with her sister in the front, whipping around the backroads of Baldwinville, MA – something you could never get away with doing today. They lived on a dead end road across from railroad tracks and sand pits. “Four wheeling, dirt bikes, snowmobiling in the winter… you name it. We did it all.” Sunday rides with her dad on the bike were a staple for Maggie.

For 11 years, her father has been a member of the Winchendon, MA, branch of Fire and Iron. Comprised of firefighters and first responders, the motorcycle club celebrates its 20-year anniversary this year. It’s expanding across the U.S. and internationally. Maggie has participated in countless charity rides and fundraisers. “You never know where you’ll end up, or what new experiences you’ll have,” Maggie notes. “I like to get on the bike and get lost.”

It is a theme that weaves through her life. No obstacle is too tough, nor – quite literally – mountain too high. Growing up, she hit the slopes and the books. While her younger sister enrolled in sports camps and cheerleading, Maggie studied and attended a snowboarding camp in Oregon.

Today, Maggie hops on airplanes to visit distributors across the country. “I love the travel, meeting new people, and the independence.” This year marks six for her with Laddawn, coming to us first as a Customer Experience Partner, then moving to our Customer Relationship team, where she excells as a Team Leader.

Outside work, Maggie is as tight knit with the rest of her family as she is with her dad. Until a year ago, she lived next door to most of them. She currently resides an hour south of our Devens HQ, in a quintessentially New England town. She now sits on the back of her boyfriend’s bike, a volunteer firefighter and member of Fire and Iron himself. The two still go on Sunday rides. At work and at home, it’s how Maggie likes to spend her days – revving up for new adventures.