Customer Relationship Leader. 

Above all, athletics teaches and tests strength of determination. “Talent is never enough. With few exceptions, the best players are the hardest workers.” Magic Johnson spoke of basketball, but the sentiment carries beyond the sport.  The well-developed athlete is versatile, stretching capabilities through a series of trial and error. This, coupled with persistence of practice, creates a measure of success. Enter one Mark McKenna – the prototypical adaptive player.

Athletics played a core role in Mark’s upbringing. “We are a big sports family,” Mark says. Mark was in Little League ever since he could throw a ball and he grew up with the names of New England sports teams ringing in his ears, despite where his family hung their hats. Early years were spent by San Francisco Bay, throwing a ball around the backyard with his four siblings. Mud Football was the game, accurately dubbed for the mess it generated.

From California, Mark traveled east. He adjusted quickly, learning to skateboard on the boardwalks of Virginia Beach. Through each move Mark never lost stride, expanding his athletic abilities. By high school, he was in his parents’ homestead of New England. There, Mark picked up snowboarding and played second base and quarterback for his school’s baseball and football teams.

Mark immersed himself in the workforce with equal tenacity, testing a number of trades. “I quickly realized what I did not want to do,” he laughs, recalling memories of grueling hours painting atop a ladder. Mark discovered his passion with Retrieve LLC, a tech startup that developed software for a commercial learning platform. He excelled swiftly, onboarding new employees and eventually training entire teams.

Mark joined Laddawn’s Customer Relationship team in 2018. “It was like a light bulb went off,” he recalls. The position combined his budding passion for teaching and a lifelong interest in sales. Mark mastered the Laddawn playbook in record time. Now he strolls through the halls of our Devens headquarters like a pro, building relationships to discover new opportunities. With his recent promotion, Mark will lead his team to find creative solutions for customers in a climate that continues to evolve.

When he isn’t prepping for his upcoming nuptials in August, Mark still flexes his athletic muscle on Laddawn’s flag football team and diligently practices his golf swing.

“Things are always changing,” he says, tone frank, “there will always be new curveballs.” Evaluate. Adapt. Evolve. No sweat for someone like Mark. Congratulations on the promotion!