Customer Experience Supervisor 

Ever since she could walk, she has been dancing and singing. A love for Broadway brought her to the stage early. Raised in a small town in Connecticut, she entered classes at a young age. Now as then, standing front and center with grace and ease, you will find Nicola Ore.

From eleven to eighteen, Nicola participated in the Hartt School, a performing arts conservatory at the University of Hartford. With Harrt’s Summer Place Players, a 6-week intensive musical theater program, she honed her skills and put on shows. She recalls coming home after each performance and sinking into her couch, face still flushed, craving more. She acted in Little Shop of Horrors, High School Musical, Grease and Oklahoma. She performed in cabarets, singing songs from Wicked, Chicago and Rent.

After high school, Nicola followed a new emerging passion: early childhood education. First working with toddlers, she traveled around a bit and settled in a day school helping children exposed to trauma. “It was incredibly rewarding,” she notes, “and why I decided to get involved with Easter Seals through Laddawn.”

Nicola came to us in 2016. “Laddawn in its entirety is creative and artistic,” she says. “I see opportunities to create something new here, to make a difference.” Nicola gained experience in our Customer Relationship and Finance departments. Ultimately, she found her niche with Customer Experience. There she relishes the technicalities of the position and the unique way in which the department works. As Customer Experience Supervisor, Nicola focuses heavily on training, where her performance and teaching muscles come into play.

“I use acting every day. Whether as a supervisor, friend, daughter, or at home. I play different parts.” Nicola the dancer sashays in Zumba class. Nicola the teacher trains her colleagues. Nicola the nature enthusiast unplugs and hikes. Then there is Nicola the animal lover, who curls up at home with her four large cats: Buddy, Bear-Bear, Belle, and Blitzy. Nicola the volunteer serves on Easter Seals’ regional board.

Of course, under it all, singing will always be her true passion, she confesses. “I would love to get back into doing shows on the side,” she says, eyes alit. “All the world’s a stage”, wrote Shakespeare, famously. He was writing for the character Jacques in As You Like It, but he could have just as easily been talking about our Nicola Ore. Bravo Nicola, bravo.