Product Data Scientist

About 3 years ago, Pankhuri ventured into Boston’s hackathon scene. Hackathons are weekend-long technology festivals. They go something like this. You arrive early Friday evening, grab a quick bite and, at around 6:30, problem statements are presented. Saturday morning, with a challenge selected and colleagues assembled, you register your team. Then, you get to work. Twenty-four hours later, a little sleep deprived, you present.

Highly competitive sprint-like contests, hackathons generate innovation in mobile apps, operating systems and web development. Themes range from challenges in business to education, health care and government. You learn, you play with technology, you solve problems and you meet great people. Pankhuri and her husband, a software developer, have become a sort of dynamic duo. “Anshul and I have entered 8 or 9,” she notes. They’ve won 6. 

What makes Pankhuri so good? “I love devising technology based, data driven solutions and hacks to simplify and improve daily life.” In 2016,
she and Anshul built It provides an informative and simpler take on the complex business of school admissions back home. covers tens of thousands of schools in Delhi, where Pankhuri was born and raised, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune.  

Back in Dehli, her dad is a cardiologist, her mom an artist specializing
in Tanjore paintings – a  classical South Indian style characterized by
vivid colors, iconic subject matter, glittering gold foils and inlays of glass beads and gems. It’s literally a marriage of art and science and it may help account for the breadth of Pankhuri’s knowledge and her balanced and thoughtful style.

She considered medicine, like her father, but “decided I liked physics a lot more.” She earned a degree in chemical engineering instead, followed by an MBA. “I’ve realized you don’t really need to have a specific career path in mind,” she says. “Your skills combine to create you, your niche and your unique fit.” It’s a helpful entrepreneurial mindset. Today, Pankhuri is pursuing her second master’s degree, this one in data science from
Georgia Tech.

In her role at Laddawn, Pankhuri brings an extraordinary command of business analytics. “These statistical techniques have been around for a long time,” Pankhuri notes, “but today’s data sources and computing power give us capacity to accelerate the work.” It’s an exciting time to be a Data Scientist. We’re excited to have Pankhuri on our team.