Marketplace Concierge

Utah is home to some of the most breathtaking hikes in the country. The Grand Staircase Escalante Region alone yields 1.8 million acres of diverse terrain. From winding slot canyons with towering red sandstone arches to cascading waterfalls and the depths of a petrified forest, its landscape is as varied as its weather. A single day can shift from a piping hot 100 degrees to below freezing after nightfall. Trailheads are often inaccessible without an off-road vehicle. If you choose to take the path less traveled, you could find yourself knee deep in a flash flood. Many prefer to take a snapshot of this sun-soaked countryside, but Sarah Welch relishes a challenge.

Sarah spent six months in Utah learning primitive survival skills and hiking. “I didn’t see a building the entire time.” Time was spent leatherworking, carving utensils from wood or building fires with a bow drill. Hikes were extensive and strenuous, partnered with a full backpack of the essentials. Such a lifestyle isn’t for the faint at heart. Sarah thrived.

From Utah, she moved to Austin, Texas. Austin’s diverse cultural atmosphere and ecosystems captivated her. “It was the highlight of my life.” When she wasn’t out trekking trails or jiving with Austin’s music scene, Sarah was climbing the corporate work ladder with ease. During this time, she delved back into retail, quickly advancing to store management. She humbly credits it to “being in the right place at the right time,” but it’s no surprise for someone who admits she isn’t happy if she doesn’t feel challenged.

Sarah joined Laddawn’s Customer Experience team in 2019. Her drive immediately impressed as she made quick-work of each task, soon taking on additional projects. As Marketplace Concierge, Sarah serves as the go-between from our partner plants to the customer, ensuring each new order is exact to specification. The job requires some juggling, but nothing falls through Sarah’s capable hands.

Outside of work, Sarah remains as busy as ever. She takes courses in economics and business, keeps a tight exercise regimen, and, of course, hits the trails every weekend. Recently, she found herself mid-hike in a sudden onslaught of rain. Many would turn tail and head home immediately… but Sarah? A smile crept across her face as the wall of water rushed towards her. She relished the challenge.

Congratulations on your new position Sarah, we can’t wait to see what peaks you scale next.