Graphic Designer. 

Iceland’s wild horses don’t scare easily. Taken there by Norse settlers in the 9th century, they have evolved over the centuries into one of the world’s toughest breeds. With surefootedness to cross rough terrain, they brave weather that sends even seasoned New Englanders like Suzi Sanford running back inside.

Across Iceland’s landscape, you’ll find these beautiful creatures in many coat colors, from chestnut to bay, palomino and roan. When Suzi eased up to one on a hillside last November, she expected it to bolt. Instead, he sidled up “like he wanted to be my best friend,” Suzi remembers. She was mesmerized. Like the horses Suzi fell in love with on that trip, constant evolution and a bit of fearlessness are parts of who she is.

She discovered her love for graphic design at a regional technical school, not far from our Devens’ headquarters. There, she single-handedly designed that high school’s yearbook – an experience that “made me confident to take on big projects.” It was just the first step in her journey to become an outstanding graphic designer. Suzi would later study for her BFA from the New Hampshire Institute of Art.

“As much as I was evolving, graphic design was evolving too.” What started as studies in visual design, typography and page layout became more broadly about visual ideation and communication. Suzi is a superb graphic designer, of course, but she’s also evolved with her discipline to take on web design, social media and video production.

It was Laddawn’s evolution as a contemporary and dynamic brand that drew her to us in 2017. Here, Suzi supports our many creative brand and educational videos, direct mail, email marketing and catalog design. Recently, she led the overhaul of our online Distributor Resource Center, mastering WordPress on the fly to create a robust customer info hub.

She finds all the support she needs from her parents and older sister who live nearby. They are now looking for a fixer-upper in which to invest, something that signifies what she calls her “need to upgrade everything.” Her eternal pup, a 4-year-old boxer/hound mix named Emma, will be along for the ride. Suzi looks ahead at the possibilities with relish. So do we.