Customer Experience Partner

Get the culture right, notes Zappos’ founder Tony Hseih, and delivering great customer service “will happen naturally on its own.” Included in Zappos’ 10 core values, you’ll find many words that speak to employee creativity – like fun, adventure and delivering “wow.” We agree. Want to create great customer facing teams? Build smart systems and then turn imaginative people loose.

The freedom to share the Laddawn narrative in inventive ways is what first attracted Valerie Low to Laddawn. That and the friendships she’s built along the way are what keep her here today. “Throughout all the growth,” Val reflects with a smile, “we’ve added a lot of cool stuff, but we never lost our love for family and teamwork.”

Val is the prototypical Laddawn Customer Relationship Partner: creative and confident. For over a decade, she’s built long-standing working friendships with customers across the country. Val points to her grandmother’s creative influence, although her dad, a police officer, was the real artist in the family. Equally adept with water colors, oils or chalks, he painted Snow White and the Seven Dwarves on young Val’s bedroom walls.

At 12, Val joined a blended family of eight in a three-bedroom house. It certainly helps to explain the confidence with which Val engages people. (“It was awesome!”) In high school, her affinity for all things artistic helped her land her first job at a florist. “I loved the arrangements and I was good at it.” She soon learned that her big, kind, engaging personality complemented that creative side. Good things followed.

She achieved success as a sales coordinator at a major office supplies company, in phone and sales work at a wholesale handcrafted products company, in sales management for a footwear retailer and then as a project designer at a specialty tile company. We met Val in 2006 – and she was a good fit immediately. But, the best match was yet to come. She married her husband, a Laddawn cost analyst, in 2013.

“Your personal core values define who you are,” notes Tony Hseih. At home, visiting family in upstate Vermont or walking her dog with her husband on the beach in Rye, New Hampshire, she is the creative and outgoing person who values friendships and family above all. At work, Val is a person who delivers “wow.”