Serial entrepreneurs continuously come up with fresh ideas to begin new businesses. They are creators; ever moving, always thinking and ready to build the next thing. Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Bill Gates are serial entrepreneurs. So is Bill Oncay.

Bill was about seven or eight, right around the time Gates launched Microsoft, when his father came home from work with a project – to build a computer. It was a defining moment.

By the time Bill was in high school he’d learned to write software, too, at New England Telephone. “My boss there was a bit of a mentor for me,” Bill recalls. “He took me aside one day and said, ‘You know, you shouldn’t be working for us. You should be working for yourself.’ So I did.”

Bill enrolled in Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). He continued working for himself and acquired his first office space, free of charge from a customer, and Dayton Technologies was born. Upon graduation, Bill immediately expanded Dayton. In 2002, he sold Dayton and partnered with a friend to build another software company, Sageful. After Sageful sold in 2008, Bill created Sales Renewal, which is still going today.

What made Bill want to join Laddawn in 2015 or, as he put it, take his “first real job”? Serial entrepreneurs crave growth. Standing pat is not in their nature. “I was looking for a software job that wasn’t in a software company,” he said. Enter Laddawn. We needed a new Chief Strategic Technologist, someone with an “entrepreneurial spirit.” Bingo. 

Entrepreneurial spirit holds strong throughout the Oncay household. Bill’s wife, who he met in high school, ran her own flower shop for 24 years and currently heads the local Lions Club. Their son, a newly minted Eagle Scout (under his dad’s troop leadership), is enrolled at WPI this year.

Ask anyone around the office, and they’ll tell you Bill is “an all-around genuinely great guy.” This summer, Bill led the team that built Laddawn’s amazing new Print Designer. After work, you might find Bill doing a bump, set and spike for the Laddawn Thursday night volleyball team he started; exhibiting superb dance moves (Bill was voted best dancer on the team); or, now that the weather’s turned colder, captaining Laddawn’s trivia team.

“Be nice to nerds,” Bill Gates once said, “You might end up working for one.” As luck would have it, Bill Oncay chose to work with us. Score one for us…
and the nerds.