Associate Data Scientist

Bird migration is a sustained subject for scientific scrutiny and fascination. This behavior befuddled humans for centuries until scientists linked patterns in flight and global climate changes with avian ecology. Now, we can pinpoint where, when and why certain bird populations migrate. Flamingos, for example, flock by the millions to India from November until May to take advantage of the tropical climate. Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai alone hosts 251 different species of migratory, land and water birds. The park’s rich biodiversity attracts more than two million visitors annually, including local photographers like Ameya Patankar.

“It’s amazing to see such variety in such large quantities in one place,” Ameya says. The park is one of his favorite places to shoot. Apart from the flamboyance of flamingos, it is home to over 1,000 different plant species. Ameya has been photographing flora and fauna since he was fifteen. It requires a good eye, or the ability to recognize a series of combining factors – such as lighting, color and frame – to create a composition that is visually appealing and tells a story.

Ameya’s eye extends beyond just the lens of his camera. “Numbers have always come naturally to me,” he notes. Like his father, he pursued a degree in organic chemistry, achieving a bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai. Through his studies, however, Ameya realized he craved a career with more fluidity than organic chemistry allowed, where most time would be spent in a lab. Then, a program at Northeastern University caught his eye. Captured by the array of possibilities that a career in data analytics offered, Ameya journeyed to Boston and obtained his master’s in Industrial Engineering.

Data Scientists evaluate and recognize patterns and trends within numbers. They then take a snapshot of this information and portray it in a way that conveys meaning, or tells a story. Sound familiar? Information cultivated from data science can give insight into business trends and help identify new opportunities. “Overall it’s about improving the user experience,” says Ameya. Here at Laddawn he does just that, harnessing data to inform smarter decision making that increases efficiency and ultimately leads to happier customers.

Flamingos do not migrate to Boston. Still, Ameya enjoys photographing the diverse beauty New England has to offer. From burgeoning spring blossoms and fall foliage to the snowy peaks of Northern Appalachia, he continues to capture stories through his calculating lens, including our own. Picture that.