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Nestled in the crook of Cape Cod’s arm, the seaside town of Brewster, Massachusetts boasts a bevy of beautiful beaches along its shore. Because it sits on the bay side of the Cape, Brewster attracts folks for its warmer, calmer waters and is home to the largest low tide in the country. Known as Brewster Flats, this stretch of land covers approximately 12,000 acres. It provides a picturesque setting for an evening stroll or, if you’ve a bit of patience and a laser focus like Kristen Bingham, a superb location for finding discarded relics of the sea.

Raised in Ohio, Kristen always found herself drawn to New England’s diverse terrain, particularly its coastline. “I could live on the beach,” she says with a smile.  Summers were spent on Brewster’s shores with her family, soaking up the sunshine and scouring the sand for nautical treasure. An afternoon of discovery often yielded a trove of results, such as antique knives, horseshoe crab shells, cameras, starfish and all manner of hermit crabs.

Kristen’s keen eye does not stay settled on the sand, however. Brewster is host to a number of antique shops where Kristen has discovered countless gems over the years. It is one of many pastimes that garners her interest. Kristen refers to herself as ‘hyper focused.’ Once her mind is set to task, little can stop her until it reaches completion. From her eye for antiquing and persistent practice with chopsticks, to her carefully tended and burgeoning garden, Kristen has an ability to stay acutely focused. It’s a trait that translates well to her work life.

Kristen is now nine years a Massachusetts resident and coming up on her seventh year with Laddawn. She has quickly risen through the ranks, praised for her steadfast and studious nature. She is ever an anchor during our busiest times and a go-to person with coworkers for her wealth of technical knowledge. Newly promoted to Customer Experience Manager, Kristen is hard at work restructuring, training and honing the skills of the Customer Experience Team. “I have an ongoing list of ideas,” she says, ready for the challenge.

Recently, Kristen exchanged her hobby of collecting antiques for a more minimalistic methodology. She takes an ‘upcycle, recycle’ approach, carefully choosing items and donating those which no longer bring her joy. “Too many things can clutter your mind and your space from what you should really be focusing on,” she says. That sounds about right.

Well done, Kristen. Congratulations on a well-deserved promotion.