Custom Wicketed Bags

Remember good old Calvin and Hobbes on the newspaper comics page? The two mischief-makers had a habit of taking normal games and inventing their own rules. A game of “Calvinball” was likely to include a bazillion bases (including a secret one), a “no song zone,” or water balloons. Even a croquet wicket was liable to be repurposed when a Calvinball game started up.

The only rule of Calvinball? Keep changing the game.

Well, we really dig Calvinball.

Changing the Game with Printed Wicketed Bags

The packaging industry’s wickets aren’t quite as exciting as the ones in croquet-turned-Calvinball, but they’re still a critical part of the game. Wickets hold individually cut bags bound together by a wire wicket, and folks in the food packing business or clothing business need them all the time. (Of course, our polypropylene and polyethylene bags keep pace with FDA and USDA specs.)

They’re also one of the fastest-growing areas of custom requests from our distributors. In fact, over half of wicketed bag orders also requested custom printing. The technical term for that is A BIG DEAL. 

But until recently, getting your hands on pricing and availability for custom or printed wicketed bags was almost more trouble than it was worth. It required multiple phone calls, technical drawings on napkins, and multiple days to confirm specs and artwork. You told us the process was a pain and we had to agree.

Enter the Calvinball strategy. Change it all. So we built the Wicketed Bag Builder and added it to the order widget on our website.

And then—PRESTO. Getting a price and lead time for even the most highly customized bags with multi-colored images became a cinch. All that lag time disappeared. No more waiting on spec confirmation and artwork and then reaching out to custom suppliers. It’s all right there in the widget. Really. And now, instead of having to do your own sourcing, you can get the same experience, same service, and same guarantees that you expect from Laddawn. You get an instant quote you can deliver to your customer with confidence.

The New Rules of Custom Wicketed Bags

Now, securing pricing for a custom size or registered print options is like catching a stuffed tiger with tuna fish—easy. In fact, it’s built into the Shop widget you’re already using every day.

Let’s say your customer needs 12×14 inch custom wicketed bags. Just pull up the widget and choose “Wicketed” in the Category dropdown. The Bag Builder then walks you through each spec and option, and gives you visual representations of what you’re creating every step of the way. You can see exactly what you’re creating, whatever size it happens to be. Enter the specs, then—tada! You get instant pricing and availability information that you can share straight from the screen with your customer.

Now, let’s also say your customer needs a quote for a bag with their logo. Except you don’t have the artwork yet. No problem. Our industry-friendly, no-training-necessary Print Designer is built into the widget and includes an option for a Quick Price without artwork. You just enter an estimate of the size of the artwork on the bag, or choose the most commonly requested size from other similar bags. And again, you can share it with your customer immediately.

Once you’ve got the artwork, just add it to your saved bag. The Print Designer tool lets you add text, standard graphics like suffocation warnings, logos, and even multi-colored images to custom wicketed bag orders. Just click the Registered Print option under the Print menu in the widget. You can print with an unlimited number of ink colors, and the consistency of placement and quality is guaranteed.       

Oh, and of course the Wicketed Bag Builder isn’t the only way you can get a price and order. You can still call your Customer Experience rep for custom item pricing and lead times, especially if you have additional or unusual requests.

Evolving a better way to buy

The Wicketed Bag Builder was really your idea. You do an awesome job keeping us informed about the changing marketplace and what your customers are looking for, which gives us the opportunity to keep innovating and dreaming up new stuff.

At, you have access to a universe of custom and stock options, and wicketed bags are just the latest. We’re sure you’ll throw us a new challenge soon, and then it’s time for another round of Calvinball. We’re always up for changing the game. And since we’re Laddawn, every product is always be backed by the service team you know and rely on, and the guarantees that have your back. “It’s a magical world… let’s go exploring!”