There are about four billion email addresses around the world. Over half the global population has one. American workers receive roughly 130 emails each day. Four out of five of us check our emails outside normal business hours. About two-thirds of the time, we open our emails on our phones. No question, emails drive America’s business activities. Here at Laddawn, our emails just changed for the better.

You’ve probably already noticed that your Laddawn emails are coming to you from As part of our migration to a common email platform we’ve also adopted Berry’s standard email signature. It is a helpful reminder that Laddawn is part of the world’s most innovative provider of packaging solutions boasting nearly 300 facilities and 50 thousand employees around the world.

There is good news to share on our stock product front, too. Laddawn’s Mailing & Shipping category just got better. Poly Bubble Mailers had been your most requested addition to our Mailing & Shipping lineup and now they’re here. We have just added the 10 most popular sizes. 

Of course, Poly Mailers are an important part of America’s sizeable and fast-growing e-commerce packaging market. Bubble Mailers are the convenient, lightweight and cost-effective alternative to corrugated boxes. These new items round out a Laddawn stock offering that already includes standard Non-perforated and Perforated Poly Mailers (with or without 50% recycled content), and Expansion and Returnable Poly Mailers. Need a custom size or printing? Log on to We can make those for you, too.

Laddawn’s five categories of Poly Mailers are just part of the nearly 100 stock Mailing & Shipping products that include Packing List Envelopes, Postal-Approved Lip & Tape Bags and Suffocation Warning Bags in Layflat or Resealable Lip & Tape. If you haven’t looked at Laddawn’s offering of Mailing & Shipping products lately, turn to page 40 to learn more. Better yet, log on to for stock and custom pricing and lead times in seconds. We think you’ll like what you see.

On behalf of all of us in Atlanta, Dallas, Devens, Manchester, Sparks and Sterling, thank you for your business.

Mark P. Bourgeois
Director of Sales & Customer Experience